Jamal Salem, the Middle East Region Director and Principal of DLR Group ME has carved an inspiring path to leadership in architectural design, spanning over 26 years. His journey is distinguished by a dynamic trajectory that blends his experience at DLR Group with his 18-year engagement at Callison, considerably contributing to the Middle Eastern architectural landscape, particularly in the UAE, KSA, Egypt, and Qatar. The story of DLR Group ME’s success begins with the strategic acquisition of an architectural design firm in the UAE involved in expanding the renowned Mall of the Emirates, marking the firm’s entry into the Middle East. With his global perspective and architectural design expertise, Jamal Salem took charge, steering DLR Group ME towards becoming a significant regional player. His persistence and dedication to developing a fantastic team, on the other hand, set the road for success. They gained confidence and reputation through collaborating with clients who shared the firm’s enthusiasm for design, which led to long-term partnerships. Nurturing talent was central to Jamal’s leadership. Drawing from his GCC experience, he assembled and nurtured a team characterized by talent, creativity, and shared vision. Jamal’s non-hierarchical approach fosters mutual respect and open dialogue, empowering young designers and guiding them with experienced professionals. From its inception in 2017 with just four employees, the firm has grown to include 65 professionals and expanded its design sectors, earning numerous awards.