As Managing Partner and Design Director, Marc Roca Bravo brings close to 15 years of rich global industry experience to XBD Collective. In 2021, he established the firm’s commercial studio, and was tasked with leading architectural and interior design services for the hospitality, commercial, and multi residential sectors.\

At the heart of Marc professional ethos lies the commitment to infusing designs with creativity and a fresh perspective on local geography and culture. He prioritizes functionality intertwined with elegance, crafting spaces that not only captivate the senses but also serve as harmonious reflections of their surroundings. His hands-on approach has been pivotal in forging robust relationships with clients, project teams, and industry peers, all while building an impressive projects portfolio.

Among Marc’s notable achievements are the ‘St. Regis Residences, Financial Centre Road,’ the Metropolitan Towers’ in Lagos, Nigeria, and the recent launch of ‘Rixos Financial Centre Road Dubai Residences’ in Downtown Dubai – all testaments to his diverse design capabilities and his ability to lead his team to greater heights.

He believes that architects and master planners now have a unique opportunity to redefine the rules for urban landscapes in the Middle East, working collaboratively with local municipalities, governments, and commercial developers on design visions that emphasize placing communities and environmental sustainability at the forefront, ushering in an era that prioritizes the well-being of citizens and visitors.

In Marc, XBD Collective has found a skilled leader who is dedicated to crafting innovative and sustainable architectural solutions that seamlessly integrate with the existing urban fabric, making him a driving force in the industry.