Tim Martin is the Managing Director of Gensler Middle East. With more than 20 years of experience across multi-disciplinary practices around the world, he is a designer, mentor, and industry leader. Under his guidance, Gensler Middle East has not only met but exceeded expectations in terms of design innovation, sustainability, and growth. His strategic vision has propelled Gensler to the forefront of the Middle Eastern architecture scene, setting new industry standards.

Tim does not believe in a ‘factory’ of design but rather in collaborating, providing winning solutions, and helping his clients achieve synergy between culture and brand with the ultimate aim of augmenting overall business success. He engages with his clients to understand their needs and his unique set of skills enables him to develop, lead, and drive a client’s strategic business goals through the power of integrated design. His leadership style fosters collaboration and empowers his team to excel. He recognizes that the success of Gensler Middle East is a collective effort, and he actively encourages diverse perspectives and insights. This collaborative spirit not only enriches projects but also strengthens the bonds between Gensler Middle East and the communities it serves.

Tim has also been the driver behind Gensler’s commitment to sustainability; a reflection of Tim’s deep understanding of the environmental challenges facing the Middle East. His dedication to integrating sustainability into every facet of Gensler Middle East’s projects has not only resulted in award winning, environmentally responsible designs but has also set a precedent for the entire industry.